If you read for just 15 minutes a day, you will have read for more than 90 hours in just one year. Think of what you can learn! Here are some of our favorites to keep you reading:

Good to Great.gif
Good to Great Jim Collins
Harper Business, ISBN: 0066620996

You have heard about this book. Everyone who is truly focused on success has. Now buy it and read it! It is the one book everyone in business must read. And if you are trying to be a leader, it’s all in here. Read this book! If you have already read it, buy it and send it to someone with whom you work.

Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking
Malcolm Gladwell
Little, Brown, ISBN: 0316172324

This is an easy to read adventure in understanding how we create our reality. As we all know, our reality is what drives our actions. Become aware of what’s happening inside your head and you are going to do a better job of what you do with your body and your life.

The Experience Economy
B. Joseph Pine II; James H. Gilmore
Harvard Business School Press, ISBN: 0875848192

Wow! We really like this book! It’s a quick and easy read and it will change the way you think about being a customer, not just the way you treat your customers. Experience this book and experience more of what it means to be in business.

The Heart Aroused David Whyte
Currency/Doubleday, ISBN: 0385484186

At FG&A we talk about “living and working on purpose.” That means you must bring your full person to whatever you do. David Whyte asks: How much of the real you are you leaving in the car when you go to work each day? If you can’t get the genuine person to work it’s mighty difficult to build commitment and enthusiasm. Read the book. You’ll find out why.

Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organization from an Orderly Universe
Margaret J. Wheatley
Brett-Koehler Pub., ISBN: 1881052443

This book has been around a while and it is still a gem. Shift the way you see the world. It’s not the easiest read, but Meg presents great concepts that help us understand the fundamental changes we are all undergoing in the faster and faster world. She’s right: you can’t cut off the tail of the dog and not change everything else about the dog.

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