After thorough research, we tailor the presentation and interaction to meet the specific needs of your audience. Each presentation can be a keynote address, a featured luncheon presentation, an after dinner energizer, or we can fit it into any other part of your program. What's your intent? We'll find a strategy to point you in the right direction.

Trust – Can we talk about it?

How do you define trust? It’s not too difficult for an individual, but get five people in a room and you are likely to get five different responses. And once trust has been broken, finding a way to talk about repairing it can be very difficult.

This presentation/workshop provides participants with the tools needed to build a common language around trust in their personal and professional lives. Using humor, metaphors, and stories, Frank helps participants explore what trust means between individuals and in groups, how it is built, how it is destroyed, and how to repair it.

Working and Living on Purpose:
Bringing Focus into Our Lives

Remember the passion and excitement of just a few years ago? What happened? As we deal with an ever more complex world and the constant cascade of change, it is difficult for each of us to take a deep breath, refocus, and live our life with clarity of choice and purpose of action.

Frank’s diverse background gives him a unique perspective on how we can gain control and design our preferred future. Both inspirational and practical, this energetic and entertaining presentation is perfect for either a keynote position to set the tone or a closing to conclude on a strong, positive note.

Communication in Times of Change:
Stop, Look and Listen

Communication is the critical strategic element for organizations dealing with the change. With this humorous, energy packed presentation, Frank uses real life experiences and practical tips to explore the importance of continuous communication. The audience takes part in simple exercises that dramatically demonstrate the personal need of each individual to “know what’s going on.”

We spend time with you researching your particular situation so that we can customize this presentation to meet the specific issues confronting your audience. This personalized approach guarantees a presentation that relates to the members of the audience and gives them practical tools and powerful inspiration for successful communication.

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