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Calypso Medical

Health Advocacy Strategies

Dunn Lumber


"I don't have a clue what it cost to put on this event or to hire Frank, but it would be worth it even if his talk was the only item on the agenda. I had a lot of "a-ha" moments during his presentation. It was a pleasant surprise to have a speaker who spoke of heart, whole systems thinking and quoted a poet (David Whyte.)"

T-Mobile Leadership Team
Workshop participant

"When we first launched our full expansion effort in the Latin America market, Frank was instrumental in helping us focus on what was really important. Once we had set our Strategic Intent, he helped us establish the Strategic Initiatives with specific targets, dates and line of responsibility. In a 4-year time period our revenues more than tripled. In addition Frank's continued work with us on building our team communications skills and his ongoing coaching for our leadership has accelerated our success. Working with Frank is all about being focused, having fun, and achieving great results. He is a valuable resource for Apple, Latin America"

Javier B. Vargas
Managing Director
Apple Latin America & Caribbean

“In working with Frank for more than 11 years, I can always count on him to provide both big picture understanding and spot-on nuance for me and my staff. I think the Birkman is the perfect tool to be able to objectively analyze how we all work. Frank helps us consider our inherent value system, which drives how we behave. In trying to create an ideal environment at work, his method has been a time-tested support that has provided a winning foundation for our company.”

“In the end, how we work together is the single most critical factor for our success. It is a strong commitment to personal understanding for all staff that has been our foundation to working as a true team. Frank has provided the framework and ongoing support for that commitment, so that the team can face workstyle differences in a way that is respectful and productive.”

Robin Shapiro
Founder / CEO
Health Advocacy Strategies

"We were fortunate to have Frank as our Keynote Speaker at our annual convention. We've had many speakers and he rates with the best. We all left energized and gained real tools use in the field. He kept our group on the edge of their seats for hours. Six months later, I still hear people saying his name and actively deploying the strategies they learned. Of course, our closing rates are trending up 5% and I think Frank can some some credit for that. He helps people find the best in themselves and to encourage it in others. I still have a 'Frank' quote up on the whiteboard in my office. "

Christi Stapleton
Vice President of Operations
UBuildIt Corporation

“Our new team has been working together for about 12 months, but I think we learned more about each other in one day with Frank than we have learned in the past year.”

Teri Johnson
Leader of Service Management & Performance in North America
Nokia Siemens Networks

"I think the standing ovation said it all. Frank did a super job of keeping everyone energized even after 6pm on a Friday. The messages and insights found fertile ground. People are still talking about it!"

Heather Vogel, Manager, Financial Leadership Program